Year of the Amazoness logo

Year of the Amazoness logo

First revealed in the September 12, 2013, issue of Famitsu (now on sale in Japan), Arc System Works, best known for their Guilty Gear and BlazBlue fighters, revealed their new dungeon-crawler RPG for Nintendo 3DS, Year of the Amazoness. The game is due in Japan November 14th, 2013, and there are several screenshots posted to give an idea of what the game looks like and who the characters are.

Year of the Amazoness takes place on a remote planet, where you play as a female inmate among an all-female cast of prisoners trying to break free. In the game, your objective is to venture through dungeons on the planet to find a spaceship, which is your only means of breaking free.

Year of the Amazoness I Menu Year of the Amazoness I Story Segment Year of the Amazoness I Battle Segment

The game will also have story events, a battle system that allows an attack-points-based system, and a “Battery” gauge, which stores up power to unleash special attacks.

So far, only two of the characters in Year of the Amazoness been introduced. Their names are Gantai and Kunoichi, and you can read about them below.


Year of the Amazoness I Gantai
Voiced by Ayumi Fujimura, height 161 cm, bust 84 cm

Gantai is an eye-patch-wearing character who wields firearms and army knives, which sounds fitting, given her military attire. While she carries the perfect personality and rarely laughs, she speaks with a masculine tone like that of a soldier, which breaks the overly neurotic stereotype.


Year of the Amazoness I Kunoichi
Voiced by Azusa Tadokoro, height 153 cm, bust 72 cm

Kunoichi is simply that—a kunoichi. She carries different weapons that include kunai, a short sword, and other sorts of ninja weaponry. While she maintains a composed personality, she is occasionally shy and hasty. She is also interested in highbrow things.

So far, this is all we know about Year of the Amazoness. Hopefully, as the game nears completion, we can learn more about it and see whether or not there will be any interest in releasing the game overseas.

Thanks to oprainfall’s Will Whitehurst for the translation.

Images courtesy of Famitsu.


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