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Renegade Kid—one of only a small handful of developers in today’s gaming landscape whose software I would buy sight unseen. My love for Mutant Mudds is well documented, and I still find myself going back to Bomb Monkey from time to time. But even beyond those two games, they strike me as the kind of team who isn’t afraid to take risks. The fact that they brought us ATV Wild Ride 3D and are working on Cult County should speak volumes to that. If Jools Watsham and Renegade Kid aren’t on your radar—they definitely should be.

This endeavor started out as a means to tell you a little more about Treasurenauts, the latest action-platformer coming to Nintendo 3DS from Renegade Kid. But while browsing Watsham’s Twitter, it hit me: they’ve been up to quite a bit lately, and some of their recent endeavors may surprise you.

Mutant Mudds: Coming to PSVita

First of all: Mutant Mudds is headed to PlayStation Vita, as indicated by the photo above from Renegade Kid’s official site. This bit of information was actually divulged during a lengthy interview that offers additional information on Mutant Mudds 2 and Cult County as well.

Renegade Kid: Jools Watsham on Vita

Jools seems very supportive of the PSVita; I imagine if Mutant Mudds is successful on that platform, then Sony fans can anticipate Treasurenauts heading to that platform as well (Wii U was also a speculative platform; I wonder if it’ll be anything like Mutant Mudds Deluxe).

Treasurenauts | oprainfall Treasurenauts: Mystery Characters

Speaking of Treasurenauts, here’s all the information I could gather from his many tweets answering questions about the game. Its anticipated release is still sometime this year, for those who were wondering. It will not feature a demo like Mutant Mudds did, but it will probably be the same price as that one, which currently runs for $8.99. And last but not least—we’ll see a trailer for the game coming “very soon”. Here’s to hoping it’s packaged in a Nintendo Direct among stuff like this. New creativity can and should get its time in the spotlight, after all!

Is anyone among you anticipating Treasurenauts? Any recent Renegade Kid “converts” thanks to Mutant Mudds or their other titles? Be sure to let me know, and I’ll be sure to keep you updated.

Jonathan Higgins
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