With a little over two weeks until its Japanese release, Capcom have seen fit to release the Monster Hunter 4 opening movie as it will appear on the 3DS! Check it out:

What did you all think of the Monster Hunter 4 opening? Personally, I got chills when the theme music kicked in at the end. It’s gotten me really excited to take on the Goa Magara as well; that thing looks terrifying!

It was great seeing the brand-new Insect Rod in action like that, though I would have liked to have seen a bit more on the Charge Axe. I loved watching the hunter utilise the new mechanic that allows them to jump on top of monsters, as well. I’d seen it done to a Great Jaggi in a previous trailer, but to be able to ride something as big as a Tigrex? I would never have thought it possible.

Monster Hunter 4 opening - Goa Magara

Japan have also been treated to a new TV advertisement for Monster Hunter 4 featuring a local celebrity. You can view it here:

Monster Hunter 4 will be released on September 14th in Japan as a Nintendo 3DS exclusive. No word has been heard on a Western release as of yet.

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