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Last weekend, during Capcom’s Japanese Monster Hunter 4 event, a multitude of monster-hunting goodness was showcased. While the typical live demos, trailers, and screenshots normally shown at events like this were present, Capcom gave Japanese hunters the opportunity to experience the demo firsthand with four-player co-op stations. One of the unique things about the demo was the ability to use the previously unseen charge axe and insect rod weapon sets.

Although hunters outside of Japan will not able to experience said demo in all its glory, a two-part video of it was released online. In the first video, you’ll be able to see the majestic insect rod and the incredibly unique sense of style it gives the player, as well as the devastatingly powerful charge axe. Something that caught me off-guard is the amount of hits that Jaggi takes, and believe me, it gets pelted—a lot.

Video courtesy of Famitsu

Now, if you think the video above didn’t have enough charge axe in it, then the video down below is for you. Gameplay with the charge axe takes center stage for the entirety of the video. Thanks to this glimpse of Monster Hunter 4 combat, we can obviously tell that the charge axe is a whole new beast completely and not just a ripoff of the switch axe.

Video courtesy of 4Gamer

Judging by the above videos, Monster Hunter 4 is looking to expand upon the already solid Monster Hunter structure and formula. The new weapons, monster mounting, and better maneuverability are welcome features that, in my honest opinion, will enrich the hunting experience and capture a whole new sense of exploration and fun not found in the other titles of the franchise.

Monster Hunter 4 is currently slated for a Japanese release on September 14 for the 3DS. But with the success of Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate and Tri, I am almost positive that this game will find its way outside Japan. On a side note, how do all of you feel about these changes to the Monster Hunter franchise? Do they seem unnecessary, or do you think Capcom should have focused on other aspects of the game instead? Make your voice heard in the comments!

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