Monster Hunter 4 logo

Monster Hunter 4 logo

Capcom is offering Monster Hunter fans another appetizer as Monster Hunter 4 gets another new trailer. This trailer showcases how the game will appear on the 3DS, giving us a glimpse at the gameplay and the new armor and weapons, as well as the monsters (both new and old) as they rampage across a new, unseen land.

We first see a traditional opening to the Monster Hunter franchise in which our hunters migrate to a whole new land. Here, mercenary work is plentiful, and hunting season is well underway. We also get to see how Capcom takes the 3DS to its graphical heights by presenting a lush, beautiful and detailed world where the hunters are decked out in all kinds of armor and weapons, and the monsters look big and terrifying.

Here is the trailer for your viewing pleasure:

Monster Hunter 4 will be exclusive to the 3DS and will be available for purchase in Japan September 14th, 2013. No Western release has been announced yet by Capcom.

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