Sonic CD OUYA Feature Image - oprainfall

Sonic CD OUYA - oprainfall

Sonic CD is the latest Sonic title to become available on the OUYA, and it can be yours today for $2.99. Sonic CD follows Sonic and Amy Rose, who are traveling to the shores of Never Lake to see the mysterious Little Planet. This is a world where the hidden Time Stones have caused time periods to collide, and Sonic gets to face his nemesis Dr. Eggman (AKA Dr. Robotnik).

Sonic CD OUYA - oprainfall

The game has been restored in a high resolution and features the original Japanese soundtrack. A free trial level is available to play if you are unsure about purchasing. Download Sonic CD and play through the Palmtree Panic level for free and set Sonic off on a fast paced adventure through your OUYA. The game can be purchased through OUYA’s store, DISCOVER.


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