Black 3DS XL

We all knew it was coming, as Nintendo has made a tradition of it since they released colored variations of the original Gameboy back in the 1990s. Now, the 3DS XL is going to be getting another new paint job this year, as Nintendo will be releasing a new color on August 11th.

Joining the other myriad of colors to choose from, Nintendo will be releasing a black version of the 3DS XL. This new version will be joining the other color choices, which includes blue, red, and pink.

This new 3DS XL color option got revealed earlier this month when a Canadian retailer leaked an ad showing that the new color will be arriving in North America to coincidence with the release of Mario & Luigi: Dream Team.

The black 3DS XL will be arriving in North America on August 11th. Those who wish to get a 3DS XL, or want to replace an old one, should take a look if they are interested.


You can pre-order a black Nintendo 3DS XL from

Samuel North
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