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Our technical issues are finally behind us! We’re happy to announce that every single episode of The Downpour Podcast is readily available on the iTunes music store! If iTunes isn’t your cup of tea, you can still check out this page for a newly updated archive of past episodes! Lastly, be sure to follow the show on Twitter for more interactivity! We’ll be announcing a contest soon, as mentioned in this very episode, so stay tuned! 

Welcome to another Monday, and to another episode of The Downpour Podcast.

Throughout the month of July, hosts Jonathan, Jared and Randy have taken a closer look at the deeper aspects of gaming and anime. Huge topics have been discussed…like music, narrative, graphics/artistry and even gameplay (admittedly, there wasn’t much anime in that episode). This week: the culmination of all those topics, as The Downpour Podcast discusses some of their favorite games of all time. This list isn’t a definitive Top 5, and some of the hosts went out of their way not to mention games or anime they’ve talked about hundreds of times.

This episode runs at about two hours. Everyone spends ample time talking about the games and anime that had the most profound effects on them. There are plenty of great stories to be heard, and plenty of great games/anime discussed that listeners may not be aware of. It’s definitely a must listen!

Before the big discussion though, expect to hear more about the games we’ve been playing. There’s still more to say about EarthBound and Shantae, as well as Darksiders, Catherine and so much more. This one’s jam-packed with content. We would love to hear some of your favorite games of all time—please do sound off in the comments below!

Have you been enjoying our live broadcasts each week? Be sure to tune in for the live recording of Episode 28 this Thursday, August 1st at 8:30 PM EST.

As usual, we always appreciate your feedback. Please let us know how you feel in the comments below, or by sending an email to [email protected].


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Show Notes

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OPENING: Final Fantasy Legend III OST – Steslos
BREAK:Yu Yu Hakusho Full Opening Song English
CLOSE: Xenoblade Chronicles Music – Riki the Legendary Hero

Something special from Randy and a listener to be heard after the show.

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