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The fourth wave of  DLC characters for Disgaea D2 are now ready to be purchased. Just as her own game is being released in Japan, Metallica from The Witch and the Hundred Knights will be joining Phantom Brave characters Marona and Ash in their appearance within the Disgaea universe.

Disgaea D2: Metallica - oprainfall Disgaea D2: Metallica - oprainfall

Metallica is the main character of  the new SRPG title The Witch and the Hundred Knights. Metallica, while looking cutesy with an adorable laugh, is definitely not a nice marsh witch. Ambitious and cruel (but somewhat loving in that Nippon Ichi way), she looks upon the world to expand her witch territory. She uses her minions to beat up, extort, and conquer the unfortunate inhabitants that get in her way.

Disgaea D2: Marona - oprainfall Disgaea D2: Ash - oprainfall

While not as prolific as Metallica, Phantom Brave‘s main characters Marona and Ash will be returning as DLC characters for Disgaea D2 as well. Marona is a 14-year-old orphan who can speak to and command ghosts. She makes her living as a Chroma, or an adventurer-for-hire, in her world of Ivoire. Ash is Marona’s constant companion who, after being killed by a demon in a failed quest, decided to join the young Chroma as her ghost minion and friend.

Those who are curious can take a look below to see the special moves that the DLC characters will have in Disgaea D2.

These new DLC characters are going for 300 yen (about $3.00 USD) each, with an added bonus wallpaper for those who buy them all in a single package. Disgaea D2 is already available in Japan for the PlayStation 3 only. Its North American release is on October 8th, and its European release is on September 27. It’s not been confirmed that these DLC characters will make it to Western regions as of now.


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