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PlayStation 4

Good news, everyone! The PlayStation 4 is back up for pre-order on Amazon. While the basic standard edition is certainly available, there are several other options for those who have a little more wiggle room in their wallets. Also, keep in mind that PS Plus will be needed for online play. So it might be a wise choice to pick it up now.

The bundles that are available are as follows:

PlayStation 4 Battlefield 4 and PS Plus Bundle

Battlefield 4 and PS Plus Launch Bundle ($499.90)

PlayStation 4 Killzone and PS Plus Bundle

Killzone and PS Plus Launch Bundle ($499.90)

PlayStation 4 Knack Bundle

Knack Launch Bundle ($459.98)

PlayStation 4 Watch Dogs Bundle

Watch Dogs Launch bundle ($459.98)

The date on Amazon is currently set for December 31, 2013. But we must mention that there is currently no official release date yet. However, Amazon has stated that, as soon as an official date is announced, it will be reflected online. They also promise that all systems bought will still be shipped out on the announced release date.

Any of these bundles, as well as the standard edition, can be ordered through Amazon by clicking here.

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