Soriti Horse - Solitaire Phase

Game Freak, the developer of every colored, mineraled, and soon-to-be lettered Pokémon game in existence, has just announced Soriti Horse for the 3DS Nintendo eShop. A couple of days ago, Game Freak teased the Internet with a glowing… something-or-other. It turns out to be a race horse, the very subject of their next game. So far, it’s only been announced for Japan. Judging by the content, it might stay that way.

In short, Soriti Horse is a horse racing simulator. Look a little deeper, and the game gets weird. The game is divided in two parts. The first part involves you playing Solitaire. Doing well in this part improves your bond with the horse making it run faster and more efficiently. The second part has you controlling the horse as it runs through the track collecting power ups and avoiding any obstacles. The real kick in the head is that the actual races consist of changing back and forth between the two. The game will also let you raise your own horse and share it with others via QR codes.

Game Freak will be publishing the game themselves. Normally, that doesn’t elicit much attention, but currently Japan’s social networks have been focusing on Nintendo’s policy of not letting Japanese developers self-publish on their platform while non-Japanese developers are free to do so.

Soriti Horse will be released on July 31st for 500 Yen in Japanese 3DS eShop. Also, here’s some screens from the game.

Control Phase Solitaire Phase Winner Using the Whip Title Screen


Karli Winata
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