Gaist Crusher Website Artwork

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Almost everyone among the oprainfall Staff are fans of Treasure—some more devoted than others. And I hope we’ve done a good job of making you aware of how fantastic/versatile some of these developers really are. They are, after all, responsible for Gunstar Heroes, Guardian Heroes, Sin & Punishment and its sequel, and so much more. Some of these folks even played a hand in Code of Princess. There’s just…so much to love. Can you tell I’m a fan?

At any rate, a long while back, we reported on the fact that Treasure was working on a new game for the Nintendo 3DS. And then it was announced, and it…flew right under my radar. Shame on me! I flipped out when I saw this game making headlines. “When did this happen!?” This game was announced long time ago.

Gaist Crusher Website Artwork

Alas, I am determined to make amends for missing out on this game when it was first announced. Ladies and gentlemen, Gaist Crusher has a shiny new website and a release window of Winter 2013 in Japan. It’s being published by Capcom and developed by Treasure. This game looks like a 3D brawler, but it has a ton of focus on transformations and collecting. I don’t know how else to describe what I’m seeing, so here’s a trailer to feast your eyes upon!

Here’s a bit more from one of our translators, Will: “[In addition to the 3DS game], there are two manga, both being published in the Jump manga magazines V-Jump and Saikyo Jump. Now, that’s something you don’t see every day! Another note regarding the anime (yes, that’s also happening): Hitoshi Kitadani (of One Piece‘s “WE ARE!” and “We Go” fame) is composing the theme song.”

So, this Gaist Crusher isn’t just a game—it’s an attempt at creating a brand (aimed at kids, like Mega Man once was) in Japan. How successful will they be? Only time will tell. But if Treasure’s at the helm, my hopes are high.

I wonder if it will come to the West. Code of Princess did, but…it was brought over by ATLUS. Are our chances slim? Hope springs eternal, right?


Jonathan Higgins
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