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New Wonderful 101 Trailer Released

New Wonderful 101 TrailerFor something labeled “Mini,” the latest Nintendo Direct served up a lot of juicy information, including a new The Wonderful 101 trailer from Platinum Games.

Check it out below:

Here, we learn more about the nature of the Wonderful 100, or the Wonderful “One double-O.” They are special agents of the Centinels formed to combat alien invasions. In times of crisis, seemingly ordinary citizens, such as Mr. Wedgewood, who is actually a special combat agent of the Wonderful 100, transform into their combat Centinel suits to fight off the aliens. We also get a glimpse of the ones behind the alien invasion at the end of the trailer.

The Wonderful 101 comes out on September 15 in the US. Japan and Australia will get it on August 24, but Europe gets the bragging rights this time, around as their version comes out on August 23.


The Wonderful 101 is available for pre-order on Amazon:

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