Namco Bandai Trademarked Three New Tales Titles

Namco Bandai looks to continue with the Tales franchise once more, as three new brands bearing the Tales title have been trademarked by the video game company in Japan. Also, if tradition is followed, Namco Bandai will pick only one in the bundle of trademarks to be the next in the franchise.

The three trademarked titles Namco Bandai has acquired are Tales of Zestoria, Tales of Creales, and Tales of Catastora

It’s unclear just which one may be selected, or if none will be chosen at all, as the likes of Tales of Floweria, Tales of Floria, Tales of Blessia and Tales of Startear were also bought and scrapped by Namco Bandai in its history of developing the popular franchise. One thing is for sure, however; the franchise’s producer Hideo Baba had been reported to have no plans for a next-gen title, and has been focusing on the PlayStation 3, leading some to believe that one of the three trademarked titles will be for a Tales game on PS3.

So, what do you think will be the next Tales title if Namco Bandai decides to choose one of the three? Which one would you choose? Or do you think that all three are simply not worthy of carrying the Tales name?

SOURCE(Translated by NeoGAF poster Soriku)

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