What do Kevin Sorbo, algorithms, and pretty things have in common? All three things can be found in the new Pwnee Studio and Ubisoft game titled Cloudberry Kingdom. Pwnee Studios said that the game is “about one thing: intense, focused, never ending platform action.” With such an interesting blending of customization, famous voice actors, and other pretty things, I needed to look a bit deeper into the game.

About The Game and Hero Selection:

The first thing I noticed was the customization options. You can design your own physics in this game by adding a jetpack or strapping yourself to a wheel. Gravity, friction, and a dozen other things can be customized as well. Even the level designs will be different each time. Once you design your character the AI will custom create levels based on your hero physics.

Cloudberry Kingdom Hero Factory
Cloudberry Kingdom Hero
Cloudberry Kingdom Character

The Algorithm and Level Designs:

The level design in this game was made with such care that it took years of teaching the level design AI how to adjust levels for just the right difficulty for each and every player. As mentioned above, the level design will depend on the physics of your character, it will also be changed based on your skill level. When you get better at the game, the game knows and makes adjustments accordingly.

The AI builds new levels every time you play the game, giving you a new experience each time. With any platform game, the level design and flexibility is key. This adds to the games replay value and keeps things fresh. In addition to changing levels, every level has a passable guarantee. The AI will not build you a level that cannot be beaten. If you get into trouble you can summon the AI to show you how it is done.

Cloudberry Kingdom Infinite Level
Cloudberry Kingdom Level
Cloudberry Kingdom Levels  

Pretty Things:

Cloudberry Kingdom Screen
Cloudberry Kingdom Screens
Cloudberry Kingdom

Game Modes:

Multiplayer – offers fun for you and up to three friends with local multiplayer and cooperative modes.

Bungee Mode – All players are tethered together and have to work together to clear a mode.

Story Mode, Free Play and Infinite Arcade mode are also available.

Cloudberry Kingdom Arcade

Kevin Sorbo:

 Star of the hit TV series Hercules and Andromeda, is a voice actor in Cloudberry Kindgom

  Release Dates:
PlayStation 3 July 30th  $9.99
Steam   July 31st $9.99
Xbox 360  July 31st 800 MS points
Wii U  August 1st  $9.99 

     For more information on the game check out the official website.

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