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The Disgaea franchise is well known for its insane number of cameos, and the new Disgaea D2 title looks to be continuing the tradition. Now available in Japan for DLC, some of the cast of Makai Kingdom (Phantom Kingdom in Japan) has arrived to challenge Laharl’s party. Also in Japan, patch 1.30 is now available with a new Rakasha Mode, a mode where stat boosting is put to the absolute limit as Tyrant Overlord Baal makes his return as a post-end boss.

Disgaea D2 Zetta - oprainfall

Showing up once more is Zetta, the titled “Most Badass Overlord in the Universe,” who returns in his human form after a small stint of being trapped as a leather-bound book. The star of Makai Kingdom, he is well known for his insane laughter and his destructive Zetta Beam. He has also been confirmed to be a doting father, as he spoils his daughter Petta whenever she shows up from her time-traveling shenanigans.

Disgaea D2 Pram - oprainfall

Also returning for Disgaea D2 is the fan favorite Pram the Oracle. A demon who can supposedly read the future, Pram was one of Zetta’s advisers in Makai Kingdom. All the while she flaunted her genius level intelligence and her powerful ice manipulating abilities.

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Finally, the last character in this DLC wave is Alexander, the God of Destruction. The self-imposed rival to Zetta in Makai Kingdom, Alexander was a lightning-throwing Overlord who mocked and ridiculed Zetta as he impeded the latter’s quest. This will be the first time Alexander makes an appearance outside Makai Kingdom as a playable character.

Disgaea Tyrant Baal - oprainfall Disgaea Tyrant Baal - oprainfall
Disgaea Tyrant Baal - oprainfall Disgaea Tyrant Baal - oprainfall


Also, Disgaea D2‘s new 1.30 patch is now available. This patch will be adding an option called Rakasha mode. After finishing the main story, players can use this option to rapidly boost their characters’ and items’ abilities to insane levels. Enemies in this Rakasha mode will be much stronger as well. Also in Rakasha mode is the chance to fight Tyrant Overlord Baal, the famous end-game villain who has appeared throughout many of Nippon Ichi’s titles (including in Prinny form). Players will be able to challenge Baal multiple times, but he will become stronger and stronger with every defeat he is handed.

The DLC characters go for a price of 300 Yen, with the full pack going for 900 Yen (there will be a tax as well). Those who buy the pack will receive custom PS3 themes. The 1.30 patch with Rakasha mode and Baal is free of charge.

Disgaea D2 is now available exclusively for PlayStation 3 in Japan right now. North America will have to wait till October 8th, and Europe for September 27th, to get their hands on this new Disgaea title. No confirmation has been given if this new DLC will reach the Western regions.






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