UDON announced last month that they would be selling a Limited Edition version of the MM25: Mega Man & Mega Man X Official Complete Works art book at San Diego Comic-Con International. They gave us an update on the book and recently posted pictures, showing some of its content which appeared in the separate Megaman & Megaman Complete Works art books and MM20 which was released only in Japan and some all new material. They also showed off the Limited Edition’s key features that separate it from its normal paperback edition, with its hardcover high-quality binding, a blue laser foil dust jacket, and special “schematic design” varnishing under the dust jacket. You can check the pictures down below.

MM25: Mega Man & Mega Man X Official Complete Works is an in-depth chronicle of the amazing art created across 25 years of games in the Mega Man series by the good folks at Capcom! Featuring over 400 pages of official game art, concept designs and sketches, rare pin-ups, and all-new tribute art, this is a stunning art book collection that every fan of the Blue Bomber will want on their shelves. UDON Entertainment has faithfully translated the entire book into English, including production notes, creator comments, and three all-new exclusive interviews with the creators from across the history of the series!

The Limited Edition will be priced at $100 and will be sold at Comic-Con through July 17th – 21st at their booth in a first-come, first-served basis. Any remaining copies will be sold through PAX Prime and Udon’s online store in August. So if you’re attending the event, and are a Megaman fan with money to spare, be on the lookout for UDON booth, #4529. The paperback or softcover version will cost $60, and will be available in early September of this year, or $43 on Amazon. (Link below)

David Fernandes
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