Monster Hunter Illustrations Cover

Announced back in March among many announcements, in celebration of the localization and release for Monster Hunter Illustrations 2, UDON stated they would do a reprint of the first Monster Hunter Illustrations art book that was released back in September of 2011. Last week, UDON informed everyone that the book will be available again soon. So if you’re interested in Monster Hunter or missed out on the book previously, now is a good time to place your order, with a waiting period of a week or more. And for those who didn’t know, the Monster Hunter Illustrations 2 art book is also available for pre-order at Amazon.

Monster Hunter has its dedicated fanbase here in the West, and when UDON announced that they would be bringing over the very sought-after art book that was released in Japan back in 2009, fans were quite pleased to say the least. After just a few months, it became quite the hot item for fans and collectors alike. Soon enough it went out-of-print and if you were not-so-lucky enough to find it in a book store or comic shop, your only option was to pay an exuberant price on Amazon or Ebay. This is very similar to what happened to Okami‘s art book, which also went out-of-print and went on to be a pretty collectible book, then got a reprint due to popular demand.

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