Steins;gate Feature Image - oprainfall

Steins;Gate Feature Image - oprainfall

Steins;Gate is a game that has been ported to just about every modern video game platform in Japan, but North American audiences have not had the opportunity to play the game for themselves- until now.

JAST USA announced at Anime Expo this week that they will be bringing Steins;Gate to North America. The game will be for PC, and will include the original Japanese voice-overs. Steins;Gate is the second game in a series by 5pb. and Nitroplus, preceeded by Chaos;Head, and followed by Robotics;Notes. It was adapted into an anime series in 2011, which was released in North America by Funimation.

Steins;Gate takes place a year after the events of Chaos;Head, and follows the story of “mad scientist” Rintaro Okabe and a group of his friends. When they use a microwave to create a device capable of sending text messages back into the past, they catch the attention of a nefarious corporation called SERN that has been experimenting with time travel.

A release date for the Steins;Gate game has yet to be announced. Other acquisitions announced by JAST USA include Little Witch Romanesque, Shiny Days, Lightning Warrior Raidy 3, My Girlfriend is the President Fandisc, Sweet Home, and Sumeragi Ryouko no Bitch na Ichinichi.


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