Fairy Fencer F - Pipin

It seems that heroes can come in all shapes and sizes. It isn’t just handsome boys and pretty girls who get the power to wield weapons forged by gods. Yes, the strange-looking green cat thing with a tiny blue afro and a sword lodged in his skull is the latest hero revealed in Compile Heart’s upcoming RPG, Fairy Fencer F. Named Pipin, this anthropomorphic cat is a Fencer, an individual with the ability to use Furies, along with his associates, Fang, Tiara and Harler, whom we have already covered.

Furies are the leftover weapons from a great conflict between two warring gods in ages past. In the present time, Fencers seek out these weapons because of the immense power they endow upon the wielder. As already discussed, Fairy Fencer F follows the story of Fang, who suddenly finds himself with the powers of a Fencer after meeting fellow Fencer, Tiara.

Fairy Fencer F - Pipin Fairy Fencer F - Pipin

Strangely, the sword lodged in Pipin’s head does not seem to be connected to his abilities as a Fencer. Rather than wielding said blade, Pipin seems to use gauntlets in combat, utilizing various punching attacks.

Pipin is joined by his companion, Souji. Often mistaken for a Fencer himself, Souji carries the appearance and nature of a butler.

Fairy Fencer F - Souji

Fairy Fencer F is set for release in Japan on September 19 for the PlayStation 3. No plans for an English release have been announced, but, as always, we’ll be sure to let you know if and when any news comes up.

Fairy Fencer F - Pipin and Fang Fiary Fencer F - Tiara and Pipin


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