KEMCO’s latest Android offering is Cross Hearts Arcadia, and to celebrate its release, they’re going to be selling it at $2.99 for a limited time! Check out the press release and trailer below for more information about the game itself:

Traverse Mother Earth with a rare nymph-like creature!
KEMCO proudly announces the release of ‘Cross Hearts Arcadia‘ set to hit the Google Play Store™ today!
The normal price is $5.99, but to celebrate the release it is downloadable for just $2.99!


Tylt is an innocent but odd fairy born from an egg that was taken from an ancient ruin by a young boy named Nirva. What mystery lies behind Tylt’s final destination, the “Genesis Sanctuary”? What exactly is Tylt, who grows through a diet of nuts? Join these two on their grand adventure as their hearts and souls are linked.

Cross Hearts Arcadia - Menu Cross Hearts Arcadia - Tylt
Cross Hearts Arcadia - World Map Cross Hearts Arcadia - Reeces
Cross Hearts Arcadia - Dark Battle Cross Hearts Arcadia - Light Battle

Growth of Tylt the Fairy

The way Tylt matures and gains skills will change depending on what nuts it is given. Its very appearance and attribute will also change according to how you assign the bonus points when leveling up. Raise Tylt and anticipate the transformation as you play.

Customize Gear at the Forge

Create and disassemble weapons and armor at the Forge. You must have the materials needed to create something, and you can get these materials by disassembling gear that you do not need anymore. Gather all the recipes and forge new weapons to gain the upper hand.

Enhanced Gameplay with In-App Points

Acquire many different rare items to help you through the game using in-app points. These points also allow you to enter special dungeons.


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