Club Nintendo
Club Nintendo
Here’s yet another Virtual Console promotion, this time from Club Nintendo

Here at oprainfall, we tend not to report on promotions specific to download services outside of our Nintendo Download and PSN Weekly features. There’s an exception to every rule, however—and this one’s only good for a short while.

Club Nintendo is offering a little extra incentive to anyone who’s been on the fence about purchasing a game on the Wii U Virtual Console. For this weekend only, a 20 coin bonus will be applied to any one game you purchase for the Wii U Virtual Console.

A handful of the oprainfall Staff are big into retro gaming. Anyone who sometimes gets the urge to play games of the past over these new, cutting edge titles can certainly find their niche here. We’ve had entire Retro Roundtables (not to mention discussions specific to some of these games offered on the Wii U VC) on The Downpour Podcast, the occasional editorial, and even a handful of reviews and special features.

To get you folks up to speed, here’s a list of games currently available on the Wii U Virtual Console:

– Balloon Fight
– Donkey Kong Jr.
– Excite Bike
– F-Zero
– Mario Bros.
– Super Mario Bros. 2
– Super Mario World
– Kirby Super Star
– Kirby’s Dream Land 3
– Kirby’s Dream Course
– Kirby’s Adventure
– Ice Climber
– Super Metroid
– Ghosts‘N Goblns
– Super Ghouls’N Ghosts
– Mega Man
– Mega Man II
– Mega Man III
– Mega Man IV
– Mega Man X
– Solomon’s Key
– Punch-Out!!
– Spelunker
– Yoshi
– Pac-Man
– Wrecking Crew
– Xevious
– Vegas Stakes

Does this extra incentive push anyone here over the edge? We’re not exactly facing our usual summer drought thanks to a vast library of fantastic RPGs and niche titles being available to us this year, including the recently released Project X Zone. Heck, maybe the lot of you are busy bees powering through Animal Crossing: New Leaf.

Still. I’ve found my way back to Super Mario World as of late, and I might be tempted to grab one of those Mega Man games this weekend while that promotion’s going on. Happy gaming!


Jonathan Higgins
[Former Staff] Jonathan parted ways with Operation Rainfall on June 15th, 2014. You can follow him on Twitter @radicaldefect.