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FuRyu have released a character trailer for a character in their upcoming RPG, Exstetra. Her name is Shiho, and you can meet her below:

Shiho is a 17-year-old high school student who wishes to one day become a singing idol. She was drawn into the game’s main land of Amazia under unknown circumstances before being awoken by the main character, Ryouma, and finding herself reborn as a Knight of Prisma.

Exstetra is a turn-based RPG set in a world which answers the question of what Tokyo would look like if it suddenly fused with a fantasy world. Ryouma has the ability to absorb energy with a kiss, and then use that energy to perform miracles in-game.

FuRyu, the developers for Exstetra, are the same people who brought us Unchained Blades. The composer for Exstetra is of Radiant Historia and Kingdom Hearts fame: none other than Yoko Shimumura himself. The main artists are those who worked on the Shining series (Tony Taka) and Star Ocean: The Last Hope (Enami Katsumi). With such an amazing team behind it, Exstetra looks like it’s going to something special for JRPG fans.

Exstetra will release for Japanese 3DS’ and Vitas on the 17th of October. No word has been given on a Western release as of yet.

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