The two-man (three-man, if you count the music guy) development team of Zeboyd Games has finally revealed their next project: Cosmic Star Heroine. Unlike their previous titles this will not be a loving parody of the JRPG (see the excellent Breath of Death VII and Cthulhu Saves the World). Rather, Cosmic Star Heroine will be science fiction adventure, starring Alyssa L’Salle as a spy in the galactic government. The game will take inspiration from the Suikoden franchise, allowing players to build a spy army and customize their headquarters (to what degree is not yet certain). Humor will not be entirely left behind, but this is a more serious game than the team’s previous outings.

Cosmic Star Heroine heroine
Yeah, this definitely isn’t Cthulhu

In another interesting note, the team will be using Kickstarter to help fund this game. More details on this will come at a later time. I love the team’s previous games, so I’ll be watching this one with intense interest. Anybody else as ready for Cosmic Star Heroine as I am?


Guy Rainey
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