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We’re extremely happy to (finally) announce that The Downpour Podcast is available on the iTunes music store! If iTunes isn’t your cup of tea, you can still check out this page for an archive of past episodes! Lastly, be sure to follow the show on Twitter for more interactivity!

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to another Monday, and another episode of The Downpour Podcast!

…at least, that’s what we would be saying if it weren’t for a handful of site issues. Without going into too much detail, Episode 21 was lost in the website ether sometime last Monday night, and Episode 22 has been failing to upload to the site all week. Our iTunes RSS feeds haven’t been able to update properly, either! Rather than give up in the face of technological trauma, The Downpour Podcast hosts have teamed up with our YouTube Manager to offer you all these “lost” episodes in a different way.

Those who wish to can view Episodes 21 & 22 via the oprainfall YouTube channel, whose individual links will be housed below (you know, where that spiffy PowerPress player would be if technology were on our side). Also included are the show notes for Episode 22, which were originally planned to go out on Monday.

Happy times for our (growing) handful of Downpour Podcast faithful! But that’s not all, ladies and gentlemen: on Thursday, June 27th, 2013, at approximately 8:30 PM EST, you can join Jonathan, Jared and Randy live on the oprainfall YouTube channel as they sit down to record Episode 23 of The Downpour Podcast! No one is sure what to expect, but rest assured—our listeners can expect plenty of hilarity, along with the usual antics provided each week.

Hopefully, everyone sitting down for a live broadcast can make up for these few hiccups along the way. Everything will (hopefully) be back to normal before too much longer. Until then, stay tuned, and we look forward to seeing you tomorrow evening!

We always appreciate your feedback! Be sure to comment on this post or send an email to [email protected].

The Downpour Podcast Episode 21

The Downpour Podcast Episode 22

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Show Notes

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Intro: “This Moment cannot be Reckless” (Mario & Luigi: Dream Team)
Break: “That First, Blinking Decision” (Tales of Xillia)
Outro: “Lake Rocky” (Tails Adventures)

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