Pikmin 3

Pikmin 3 fans, and insomniacs, will have something to look forward to later tonight/early tomorrow. Nintendo plans to have a Pikmin 3 focused Nintendo Direct for this Wednesday at 8:00 PM Tokyo time.

Shigeru Miyamoto will be teaming up with Japanese comedian Hitoshi Matsumoto in the Direct. The two will play through Pikimin 3 as they talk about the various features of the game. Either that or they’ll talk about cats.

If you’re wondering why the Direct pairs up Miyamoto with a comedian of all people, it should be noted that Matsumoto does have an interest in video games, but he is better known as the dimwitted half of a comedy duo with Masatoshi Hamada. Together, they host a number of Japanese variety show

The Nintendo Direct is ostensibly Japanese centric. A US and European version probably won’t be far behind. We’ll keep you up to date if/when they announce one.

Given how much we already know about Pikmin 3, it’s hard to imagine what else they can cover. Unless there’s a new kind of Pikmin that they haven’t revealed or some heretofore unknown gameplay feature, what haven’t they told us?

Pikmin 3 is dated for a July 13th release in Japan, July 26th in Europe, and August 4th in North America

You can watch it here when it airs.


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