Project 575

Recently, Sega had uploaded two videos on a new YouTube channel, under the name of Project 575. Knowing Sega, this could mean anything, though from the looks of it, signs are pointing to a new IP. It certainly screams for the Japanese audience. You can check out both videos below.

The videos were posted in the “Gaming” category, so it’s more than likely a game, but what kind of game is Project 575? That is the mystery. Heck the name could be the actual name, or just a code-name until they reveal the real name. All we have on the videos are silhouettes of females chatting with music in the background. This could indicate that the game will be in the rhythm genre, maybe a throw back to Space Channel 5? Well, it is certainly in the realm of possibility, because it certainly isn’t a new Valkyria Chronicles or Skies of Arcadia game, that’s for sure.

Whatever it is, it could be one interesting game. No other information was given, not even what console it will be on, or if it’s even a handheld game. It could be a PC game for all we know. Whether they’re funding the project from an acquired studio, or an independent company, or even an in-house developed game, at least they’re trying to release new material from time to time.


David Fernandes
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