Code of Princess

During an interview between Siliconera and Code of Princess producer Yasuo Nakajima, he was asked if there was a sequel planned for the RPG-themed beat-em-up game; now that it was a success. When Code of Princess was first released in Japan, it sold with “so-so” results. Meanwhile, in the United States, the game sold beyond everyone’s expectations. This was Agatsuma Entertainment’s first shot at the core gamers’ market, putting together the creators of Gunstar Heroes, and former Capcom artist Kinu Nishimura.

So when talking about a potential sequel, Nakajima implies that it is possible since Kinu Nishimura, who designed the first game’s world, already has ideas for a Code of Princess 2 in mind. If the sequel is getting made, Nakajima says that it may end up on platforms like the Playstation 4 or the Xbox One, because he wants to make a title for the core gamers awaiting other titles like Dragon’s Crown.

The Code of Princess sequel is not currently under development, as Agatsuma had recently finished Farewell Umihara Kawase, a platforming game on the Nintendo 3DS. Should a sequel be developed, Nakajima said he is going to need a larger team to develop for consoles, and will try to bring back the Gunstar Heroes team.

Seeing that Code of Princess on the 3DS was Agatsuma’s first core game, developing for next-gen systems is a gigantic leap. Hopefully, the studio can make the sequel with resounding success, just like the first game.


Andy Na
Andy was a member at Operation Rainfall since the beginning of its campaigning days. Though something of a troublemaker at the time, he now contributes to Operation Rainfall and shares his love for all things gaming and the visual arts. His favorite games include Xenoblade Chronicles, Kid Icarus Uprising, and No More Heroes. Andy currently holds a Bachelors degree in Cinema, which he uses to pursue filmmaking.