On a Cardboard Box | Operation Rainfall Collector's Case

Here’s a day I couldn’t wait to finally happen.  The donation cases are FINALLY in!

Donation Case Donation Cases Donation Cases

Donation Cases
About Damn Time

So when will YOU receive them?  Basically I need to go through every single box and match it to every applicable donation that we received.  Don’t worry, there’s enough to go around.

I didn’t donate, is it too late to chip in for one? No, but I’d rather make sure everyone who donated before hand has theirs all set up and ready to go. So hold your horses before donating! PLEASE! (for my sanity)

Do they come with the games? That would bankrupt us, especially considering how much Xenoblade goes for nowadays.

What took so long? A long tale of theft, lies, and betrayal.  I could write a book about it, ask my therapist!  The important part is we have them which means the next step is you’ll receive them!

So now that we finally have them we hope to get them out to you by the end of the week, at most next weekend.  Thank you for being as patient as you possibly can be, hopefully you can still trust us!!

Richard Ross
Former Admin- Richard was one of the owners of the website.