Rune Factory 4 Concept Art

Rune Factory 4 received a new English trailer that shows off gameplay as well as cutscenes. We also saw some new screenshots of the game just recently, which is unsurprising given the game’s upcoming North American release. Rune Factory 4 came out in Japan in July of 2012; the localized version is set to come out sometime this summer, and will be the first Rune Factory installment on the 3DS.

In addition to showing off gameplay and animated cutscenes, the trailer introduces us to the game’s two playable characters: Prince Lest and Princess Frey. Like most of the recent Harvest Moon games, the player can now choose whether to play as a boy or a girl, thus determining if you will be the prince or princess of Selphia. Gameplay-wise, it’s quite similar to previous Rune Factory games, but adds a few new features, including the ability to talk to dragons, have long term relationships before marriage, and the chance that some of the boss monsters you defeat may become potential mates.

For those unfamiliar with the Rune Factory games, they are a spin off of the Harvest Moon series, and are also role-playing simulation games. Like the Harvest Moon series, there is a strong focus on romance and marriage as well as farming. In addition, Rune Factory adds a few elements to reflect it’s fantasy setting including dungeon crawling and actual combat.

Be sure to check out the trailer below!


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