mutazione greetings

At the Horizon indie-game press conference at E3, Danish developer Die Gute Fabrik announced an adventure game called Mutazione. Funded by the Danish Film Institute, Die Gute Fabrik’s Douglas Wilson says the game is an “illustrated, quiet single-player experience.” Mutazione was announced along with the indie developer’s other game, Johann Sebastian Jouste, a motion-based musical game that comes in a wacky anthology of competitive titles.

Mutazione stars a female protagonist named Kai, whom, upon waking up after a terrible motorcycle accident, finds herself at the shabby titular town of Mutazione, where she will meet a group of unique and colorful residents. The game incorporates a time-passage system within the realms of Majora’s Mask, as the game evolves based on both the time of day and the day of the week. The townsfolk’s routines also change based on the game’s gradual evolution from time.

As Kai, you primarily explore the town and become involved in the lives of other people living in the town. You also get to keep a garden where you tend and collect plants that make different musical sounds, like ambiance or emerging noises. The game does not focus on the type of storytelling where Kai has to save a world. Rather, the game plays as something like a “soap opera,” where she must interact with the residents.

As the game is in its early stage of development, it is unclear when it will be released or what platforms it will be on. You can visit Die Gute Fabrik’s website to learn more about the developer, as well as their previous games.


Andy Na
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