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Double Fine's Broken Age

During the Horizon Indie Game Conference at E3 today, Double Fine decided to share the unique experience their backers have had in supporting their Kickstarter project. But instead of  speaking for them, Double Fine decided to let their “90,000 friends” speak for themselves. The video features the Kickstarter backers sharing how they feel about the project and their experience with it so far.

Double Fine decided to do something unique with this project in that they wanted to show their fans and backers the development process of the game their money was paying for. The backers have been involved in the project from the beginning. It’s even mentioned in the video that Tim Schafer and the other developers have been seeking input from backers and have even asked for suggestions, leading fans to go so far as to submit concept art for the game. Overall, it sounds like it has been an inspiring experience for backers and developers alike. It’s amazing to see this kind of connection between gamers and developers working together to bring to life something they love.

Check out “Double Fine’s 90,000 Friends” below:


The project has earned over 3 million dollars, far exceeding it’s goal of $400,000. The initial goal behind the project was to create a new Double Fine point-and-click adventure game, since the genre has seen a massive decline in popularity. The game born from the project is entitled Broken Age. It features some brilliant artwork and a story about a boy and a girl leading parallel lives in very different settings. And if the video is any indication, backers are certainly getting what they wanted out of the project and are excited about the direction of the game. Visit the official Broken Age website here.


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