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More details on the game Quantum Break, developed by Remedy Entertainment and published by Microsoft Studios, were revealed at E3 2013. Quantum Break is both a video game and TV show, both of which are set to release in 2014 on the Xbox One. The choices you make in the game will influence what you’ll see in the TV show. According to the conference, if you were to watch the TV series, you would get more insight into the game. Microsoft also debuted new footage of the game.

Two characters are shown near an explosion frozen in time, attempting to explain the impossible. The main character pulls a woman caught in the explosion out of the time freeze (or “zero state,” as she later calls it). As they discuss what might be the cause, time resumes for the explosion, and it fully erupts, throwing back both characters.

Remedy showed no live-action scenes, although they said there would be some in the game. They gave no indication of how these scenes would integrate with the in-game action.


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