Tales of Xillia Cast

Namco Bandai has released the second official trailer for the highly anticipated release, Tales of Xillia. Like the previous trailer, there is no gameplay footage to be found here; it’s all in-game cutscenes and animated cutscenes with the focus on the game’s story. The animation is quite beautiful, matching the Tales of standards — it could even be called the best of the series yet, and it’s all courtesy of the folks at Ufotable. Unless you’re on a media black out, the trailer will give you a good idea of the tone and narrative the game will have, even taking cues from Tales of Symphonia from what I’ve noticed. The trailer can be viewed below.

Tales of Xillia is a PlayStation 3 exclusive, and will arrive in North America on August 6th and August 9th in Europe. While you might have missed the Collector’s Edition, the Limited Edition is being offered for the entire first-print run. So be sure to pre-order to not have to miss those goodies.


David Fernandes
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