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Atlus USA continues its push to market Vanillaware‘s latest 2D beat-’em-up, Dragon’s Crown, to a Western audience. Today, the publisher released two more character videos detailing the skills and abilities of the brutal Amazon and the spell-throwing Wizard. Like the Elf and Dwarf videos before, there are no voice-overs in the English trailers, only brief captions.

The Amazon is all about strength and speed. She cleaves through enemies with her powerful two-handed axe. When unarmed, the Amazon’s lack of heavy chain mail makes her a fleet-footed combatant who runs around the battlefield unleashing devastating flurries of kicks.

The Wizard is a master of the elements, wielding deadly magic attacks similar to the Sorceress. The Wizard obliterates enemies on the battlefield with direct-damage and area-of-effect spells and possesses the unique ability to imbue life into wooden boxes and treasure chests, turning them into loyal golems that fight until reduced to splinters.

Dragon’s Crown will be exclusive to the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita systems and can be pre-ordered from major retailers for $49.99 USD and $39.99 USD respectively. For more information and videos and to check which retailers will be carrying the game, visit the official Dragon’s Crown websiteDragon’s Crown will make its way to North America August 6th. A European release has yet to be announced.

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