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Following the previous report regarding developer FuRyu’s (Unchained Blades) latest game, a set of new images and the teaser website for Exstetra are now available. The website is still in its developmental phase, as more content featuring thestory synopsis, character information, and relative video and image media have yet to be installed. There are some in-game screenshots, but they cannot be magnified as of yet.

In the meantime, however; here are screenshots found by Gematsu for your viewing pleasure, with all courtesy going to Famitsu. Several of these images can also be found on the game’s website.

exstetra famitsu 6 exstetra famitsu 7 exstetra famitsu 8 exstetra famitsu 1

Exstetra takes place in Amazia, a world facing destruction that merged with Tokyo. You play as Ryouma, an amnesiac Prisma, who has the ability to absorb “Ex” energy from enemies, which can also be used to perform various miraculous acts. Kissing — supplied by Ex energy — plays a significant role by awakening those drawn to Amazia back to reality as Knights of Prisma, who are entrusted with the fate of saving the world.

Character and art designs are handled by Tony Taka (Shining series) and Enami Katsumi (Star Ocean: The Last Hope), background art is done by Tokyogenso, music is composed by Yoko Shimomura (Kingdom Hearts, Xenoblade Chronicles), and the theme song is performed by Claris (the anime series Oreimo).

As of now, this game is over 53% done, and is awaiting an October 17th release this year in Japan for Nintendo 3DS and Playstation Vita. There has not been any word about an international release as of yet, but hopefully, there will be in the future.

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