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Mega Man 25 Complete Works is Huge!

Mega Man 25 Print Proof Stack

Earlier this year at Pax East, UDON Entertainment announced the localized release of five art books from Capcom, one of which was MM25: MEGA MAN AND MEGA MAN X OFFICIAL COMPLETE WORKS that is set for release this summer. UDON Entertainment showed the above image via their website’s blog and said that, “The book is laid out and at the printers, and this week we got the printing proofs–essentially, a hi-res, laser colour printout of the entire book for us to look over for errors–and it’s a monster!”.

The print stack that they have measures at 3-4 inches tall. While the final product won’t be as tall, this book has over 430 pages and that is not a number to scoff at. UDON chief Erik Ko says that this is the largest printing stack they have ever had and you can see how massive it is! This book makes good use of this space by having all of the classic art from Mega Man and Mega Man X, plus art from Mega Man 9 and 10, tribute art from Hitoshi Ariga and so much more .

MM25: MEGA MAN AND MEGA MAN X OFFICIAL COMPLETE WORKS is available for pre-order now on or and will be available this summer.


James Atwell
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