Eve of the Genesis

For a limited time only, KEMCO Games will be giving away Eve of the Genesis for the iPhone, iPod Touch, and Android at a very special price. Starting on May 27th, this fantasy RPG will only cost $0.99 for purchase, which is a 90% discount from its original $8.99 price. The game does not operate correctly on first generation iPod Touch/iPhone 3G (iOS 3.0).

Eve of the Genesis takes place in the Lands of Astevel, where 2000 years have passed since a great war between humans and machines. At the present day, these machines have been rumored to be sighted around the world. Hearing this, a girl named Harty, a friend of the protagonist Effat, sets out to the areas where the machines have been.

The game incorporates a timeless style of graphics found in old games, as characters are rendered in an 8-bit style when they battle, and align themselves with one another like a trail when they travel outside of battle. There is a lot of visual detail found in the game, such as reflections on pools, butterflies hovering in towns, and much more. You can see some images down below:

eve of the genesis 1 eve of the genesis 4 eve of the genesis 5 eve of the genesis 2 eve of the genesis 3 eve of the genesis 6

It is also designed to be a simple RPG that is accessible to all players; beginners and experts alike. Battles are straight-forward and easy to control. Customizable features such as gems and upgrades make character development very flexible, as customizations are based on players’ preferences. Dungeons are supposed to be satisfyingly challenging, as players are required to inspect their every inch to avoid traps and the like in order to proceed.

There is also plenty of replay value, as the game includes tons of bestiary and item records to collect throughout the game. It is also said that the game can be completed in its entirety when all the records have been acquired.

For those interested in Eve of the Genesis on iPhone, Android, and iPod Touch, you can learn more and purchase the game here and here.


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