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For those Xbox 360 users who have a gold membership on XBLA and have yet to play the fabled hack and slash game, Dark Souls, here is an offer that is just too good to pass over.

As of right now, Dark Souls, the second title in the Souls series, is now $9.99, half off the normal price, along with its Artorias of the Abyss DLC being sold  for only 600 points on the Xbox Live Arcade marketplace. However, this offer is only eligible with a gold membership, so silver members will not be able to pick up neither the game, nor the DLC, at the discount.

Dark Souls is the highly praised title from developer From Software, who has garnered a large fanbase thanks to its intuitive combat, its nonlinear storytelling, and most of all, its very punishing difficulty and steep learning curve.


Titles in the Souls franchise, as well as the upcoming Dark Souls 2, are available on Amazon:

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