Shantae 3DS VCA blog post on WayForward’s website has announced some very exciting news: the GameBoy Color game Shantae will be coming to the 3DS Virtual Console on June 20th. Not only will the game be coming to North America, but Europe and Australia as well. Since the PAL regions missed out on the game the first time around, this should come as very good news. This announcement was also posted with some screenshots.

Shantae 1 Shantae 2 Shantae 3 Shantae 4 SS_DribbleLabyrinth SS_DanceParlor









I loved the DSiWare title Risky’s Revenge, and since I don’t have $200 or more for the original game, I’ve been eagerly awaiting the Virtual Console release. How many of you are joining me in buying this game as soon as possible?


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