Fairy Fencer F
Fairy Fencer F 01
Fairy Fencer F brings some new features

Fairy Fencer F has just got another update today with regard to its battle system, as the game’s publisher, Compile Heart, added new features to the game such as air combos and avalanche attacks. However, outside of being given those titles, Compile Heart didn’t detail how you can actually use them, only saying that the controls won’t be difficult. We do know, however, that players can use weapon points on their “Furies” (ancient weapons of the gods) as a means to customize their characters.

fairy art 01
Fang, the protagonist
fairy art 02
Tiara, the heroine


Fairy Fencer F‘s story begins with an ancient battle between gods, but instead of fighting each other in direct combat, these super-beings have created special weapons for others to fight on their behalf. The existence of these godlike entities didn’t last for all eternity, however, as they and their great powers got sealed away, leaving the knowledge and magic of their forgotten era to vanish from the world.  As time moved forward and a modern era arose, the leftover weapons of the gods became known as “Furies,” and warriors who have the privilege to wield these ancient artifacts are given the title of “Fencers.”

Players will take control of Fencers Fang and Tiara, the protagonist and heroine of Fairy Fencer F, as they get caught in the middle of the great conflict between the reemerging gods.

fairy fencer f 4
Fairy Fencer F borrows heavily from Hyperdimension Neptunia

Fans of Hyperdimension Neptunia will probably see similarities between that series and the new Fairy Fencer F, which is understandable. The same team who developed the Neptunia series, the Neptune Team, will be the ones bringing  Fairy Fencer F to life. Fairy Fencer F will be using an updated version of Neptunia‘s battle system as its foundation, and its cast will be designed by Tsunako, the same character artist of the Neptunia series as well.

Fairy Fencer F has been confirmed as a title for the PlayStation 3 console, and will be released this year in Japan. Those interested in this new IP can go to Compile Heart’s official game website, but you will need to know a degree of Japanese.


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