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Famitsu has some new screenshots of Monster Hunter 4 that reveal a new area and some new monsters. The new area, known as the Frozen Sea (or as Icy Waters, depending on how you interpret the Japanese name 氷海), is a cold, snowy glacial island floating on the ocean. Check the skies, and you might just see lights similar to our own aurora borealis. But don’t be distracted—you’ll also have to endure the Frozen Sea’s blizzards.

Monster Hunter 4 | Frozen Sea (Famitsu scan) Monster Hunter 4 | Frozen Sea (Famitsu scan)

Returning from past Monster Hunter games is the Lagombi (known as the Urukususu in Japan). The Lagombi is a white rabbit-like Fanged Beast monster adapted to the cold. It moves fast and throws snowballs that inflict the Snowman status ailment.

Monster Hunter 4 | Lagombi (Famitsu scan)

Along with the Frozen Sea, Famitsu provides a few pictures of new creatures.

Monster Hunter 4 | Sukuagiru (Famitsu scan)

This is the Sukuagiru. A carnivorous amphibian monster, it skewers its victims with the sharp, helmet-like horn on its head. As Sukuagiru feed, their bodies often swell up, so don’t be surprised if you come across some pretty big ones.

Monster Hunter 4 | Aruserutasu (Famitsu scan)

This is the Aruserutasu. This giant beetle is a long-distance flyer able to strike quickly from the air with its sharp horn. It can also spray a corrosive liquid from its abdomen.

Monster Hunter 4 will be released this summer in Japan for the 3DS. No release date has been announced for the West.


Thanks to Jodie Langford for translating the Japanese-language information.

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