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SEGA has recently reported its results for the past fiscal year. Overall, they made a profit of 33.46 billion yen (around $330 million US), which is a 53% increase from the fiscal year before it. One of its top selling games was Aliens: Colonial Marines, having sold about 1.31 million units despite being critically panned by just about everybody. Thankfully, its most successful title was Sonic & All-Stars Racing: Transformed, which sold 1.36 million units and was much better received critically. Its other big seller was Phantasy Star Online 2, which had 2.5 million registered users. The money made from the game’s paid items supposedly exceeded SEGA’s expectations.

In the US and Europe, Football Manager 2013 and their official Olympic game London 2012 managed to sell 940,000 copies and 680,000 copies respectively. Yakuza 5 sold about 590,000 copies in Japan. SEGA still hasn’t made an announcement about whether it will be released internationally, though.

SEGA also revealed its plans for the new fiscal year. In their report, SEGA stated that they will bring 7 SKUs to the Wii U and PS3, 4 SKUs to the Xbox 360, 6 SKUs to the 3DS, 2 to the PSP, 5 to the PlayStation Vita, and 11 SKUs to the PC. In addition, they’ve announced that they plan to “make [their] game software compatible with the next-generation consoles”. Hopefully, we’ll learn more details about that right around E3.

What games are you hoping SEGA will release this year? I’m hoping for a Rhythm Thief sequel, Castle of Illusion on the Wii U and a Skies of Arcadia remake. Give us your thoughts in the comments below.

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