Pokémon Tretta

Pokémon Tretta


Pokémon Tretta, an extremely popular arcade game in Japan, is heading for home release on the Nintendo 3DS.

The game uses a unique scanner attachment to read ‘pucks’, Skylanders style, to pull Pokémon directly into the system. From there, you can choose to analyze your Pokémon, check your Pokémon’s type, or start an auto battle, a mode exclusive to the 3DS version of Pokémon Tretta. Analyzing your Pokémon pulls up their type and stats, type checking Pokémon will compare the type of two Pokémon to see of they match up, and auto battle allows you to battle alone or pit two different tretta tiles against one another for glorious victory. The pucks are interchangeable with the arcade version of the game, encouraging the trading the Pokémon series is known for.

Eager gamers can preorder Pokémon Tretta for an exclusive Pichu puck. A retail release with the scanner, e-shop download code, and Mewtwo, Eevee, and Lucario pucks, will be available in Japan August 8.


Cassie Williams
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