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How can you not love this game?

Okay, let’s try this again, shall we? About a month ago, I tried spreading the word about a little-known Kickstarter project by Island Officials called Orion’s Odyssey. I showed off lots of pretty pictures, epic musical scores and gave all the details for your reading pleasure. Yet none of this seemed to make much of a dent as, recently, the original Kickstarter for this game was cancelled.

Lucky for you, Island Officials has launched another Kickstarter for Orion’s Odyssey with a much more modest end goal of $4,092 as opposed to about $85,000 the first time around. While this new goal does mean backers will no longer get a physical copy of the game, all that should really matter is playing the game! Considering that Orion’s Odyssey is now about 50% funded, it seems much more likely.

Perhaps you’re wondering what else has changed for Orion’s Odyssey. Well, for one thing, they have a bunch of revamped prize tiers. Now they have three non-game tiers, for those who want some cool art and collectibles. First of these is the Orion’s Sword Tier at $10, which gets you original digital art, a digital soundtrack, a button set and a cool-looking key chain. Second is the Orion’s Crown Tier at $25, which gets you all of the previous rewards plus a cool t-shirt. Third is the Orion’s Shield Tier at $65, which gets you all the previous goodies, PLUS a mini-statue and a personalized drawing of you!

For those who want the game above all else, there is a number of tiers available. By pledging $10, you can get the Early Adopter Award, which gets a digital copy of the game. By pledging $15, you get the Green Triangle Reward, which provides the digital soundtrack, digital game and digital artwork. Giving at least $25 gets the Blue Rhombus Reward, providing all the previous, plus a button set AND one signed art print. Committing at least $50 gets the Red Trapezoid Reward, providing all the previous, plus four signed art prints AND a specially-made Orion key chain. Giving $100 gets the Yellow Hexagon Reward, getting all the previous perks, plus a t-shirt AND your name in the credits! Pledging $250 gets the Orange Square Reward, providing the digital soundtrack from both Orion’s Odyssey and Hands On! Tangrams, plus three digital copies of the Orion’s Odyssey game, the button set, the four art prints, the key chain, the t-shirt AND one of nine limited edition 3D Orion statues, getting listed as an Associate Producer, and a special rendering of you and Orion.  Finally, for $500, the Beige Rhombus Reward, which provides all the previous perks, six digital copies of the game AND getting listed as an Executive Producer. That’s a lot of sexy prize tiers, if I do say so myself.

So there you have it. I’ve now promoted this game TWICE, so get on it and start pledging! If you want to know even more about Island Officials and Orion’s Odyssey, check out their new Kickstarter page.

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