Festival of Magic

Nordic game developer SnowCastle Games, recently got the “Ok” from the Big N (Nintendo) to start developing for the Wii U. And their debut Wii U title, Festival of Magic, just might be the RPG to fill the barren wasteland that is the Wii U’s current RPG-less catalog. SnowCastle Games is describing Festival of Magic on their official website as “An adventure RPG with a Nordic take on an Eastern genre”. Sounds like a gem in the making, huh? Be sure to take a gander at the gorgeous gameplay trailer from GDC down below.

Judging from the video above, Festival of Magic looks to heavily emphasize on adventure, puzzle, and harvesting mechanics; combat could be more of an added bonus than a main attraction. For additional details and luscious screenshots of Festival of Magic, be sure to visit SnowCastle Games’ official website. What do you all think? Does Festival of Magic’s unique art style and adventure-RPG gameplay have you excited for it’s Wii U eShop release?


Arik Yates
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