From Software’s next installment in the Armored Core franchise is Armored Core Verdict Day. This new entry breaks off from the traditional campaign modes from the previous titles, and replaces it with a persistent online world, similar to the online in Armored Core V. This new approach splits players into squads of 20 as they fight for control of territory for their faction. And at the end of each “season”, the entire war restarts.

Armored Core Verdict Day sees the return of the insanely in depth mech customization involving purchasing new parts to upgrade your mech to suit you in battle. Verdict Day also brings back Operator mode from the previous entry, Armored Core V. Similar to Commander Mode from Battlefield 2, Operator Mode gives the player a top down perspective where they are able to call out enemy locations, give objectives for players, and even view other teammates screens to help in combat. Players of Armored Core V can look forward to a feature that allows them to use their save data to unlock new content in Verdict Day.

Armored Core Verdict Day is set for release in the US and Europe later this year. In the meantime, here are 42 new screenshots from Armored Core Verdict Day.


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