Madoka Magica

The show Puella Magi Madoka Magica is far from unknown in anime circles, with almost universal acclaim and extremely passionate fans, but the two recent movies are a bit… less so, thanks to a limited theater tour by Aniplex. Thankfully, for those of us who either live in a city the movies didn’t come to, couldn’t get tickets, or like me, were simply unable to attend, Aniplex is finally releasing them in the US, with an official release date of July 30.

Unfortunately for us, however, Aniplex really hasn’t changed much. The good news is they’re bundling the first two movies, much the same as they were shown during their run in theaters. The bad news is that these are going to be expensive. How expensive? Try $90 for the Standard Edition, with an extra $15 getting you the Collector’s Edition.

For those wondering why the exorbitant price, these are technically imports, and even if they weren’t, the US and Japan share a Blu-ray region. Hence, any Japanese Blu-ray disc will also work on a US player, so any price difference could mean lost profits on Japanese sales. A similar situation occurred with the release of Persona 4 Arena on PlayStation 3.

The link to purchase either edition of the movies on Aniplex’s website is here. Also, the third movie is coming in Q4 of this year, so that’s something to look forward to, as well. If you’re not sure, Aniplex released a trailer today, so check it out below:


Daniel Gulyas
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