project x zone morrigan
Oh Morrigan, I love your subtlety…

If, like me, you are chomping at the bit to get your grubby mitts on the upcoming 3DS crossover RPG, Project X Zone, then you’ll definitely appreciate the following trailer. In case you don’t already know, Project X Zone, developed by Banpresto and Monolith Soft, and published by Namco Bandai Games, is a joint effort from Capcom, Sega and Namco Bandai, with characters representing each publisher. It is set to hit North America on June 25th of this year.

Gameplay revolves around teams of characters from different series working together to do massive “Cross attack” combos. I especially like this trailer, since it incorporates some of my favorite Capcom characters, such as Mega Man X, Zero, Morrigan and such. It is also beyond epic that in the 2nd part of the trailer, the music shifts to the classic Ghost’s and Goblins music. I cannot wait until June to play this game. In the meantime, enjoy the trailer!


Josh Speer
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