After discovering the English-text logo for Senran Kagura Burst, and XSEED’s integration with its parent company Marvelous AQL, there is raised interest for the company to look into the game’s localization. XSEED has looked into Senran Kagura Burst for a while.

XSEED’s Director of Publishing, Ken Berry, has discussed having more interest now in having a wider range for Marvelous’ games after the formation of Marvelous USA. Berry explains that he and his company always had a priority in seeing games by their parent company, but always had to decide if it is a game that XSEED should touch, or have headquarters in Japan give a game’s rights to another publisher. All decisions based on Marvelous’ actions, under XSEED’s acknowledgement, is made to best reflect the choices made by the entire international Marvelous group, not just in the US.

As for localizing Senran Kagura in particular, Ken Berry explains that XSEED is still looking into localizing the game out of popular demand. However, he calls it a “scary proposition” to deal with, knowing that Senran Kagura is incredibly risque in subject matter, and that the tolerance gaps between Japanese and American audiences differ greatly.

But if XSEED was able to release games of repugnant caliber like Corpse Party — and Americans have had their fill with raunchy content belonging to Duke Nukem or God of War — then something like Senran Kagura shouldn’t be as dangerous of a game; as long as they play their cards right and be mature about it.


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Andy Na
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